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    Pestemals conquered Crete Island!

    This time, we happened to pass Crete Island, the capital of Minoan which is one the civilizations which pestemal was used for the first time and of which first traces were found in 3650 B.C. It is thought that community...

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    Bikini, Swimsuit and Pestemal

    When the summer comes, bikini and swimsuits are causes of slimming for women…  All these diets, all these sports are made to be able to wear bikini they want easily, to sunbathe on pestemals  with self-confidence, to walk on the...

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    Summer Dessert@Pestemal

    On these recent hot summer days we’ve already started to look for food that won’t make us hungry and keep us as fit at the same time. With recipe that I’ll give you now, when you lie on your pestemal...

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