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    Pestemal.com is in Troy

    Çanakkale, with its old name city of Troy, is a city of which territories are mostly in Marmara Region and the rest is in Aegean Sea, over which lots of civilizations passed, which feels that humanity is not as important...

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    Surfers’ Choice Pestemal.com

    As pestemal.com; there is no doubt that the group who prefer our pestemals mostly are surfers.. As pestemals are very easy to carry, they dry easily and their modern designs are the most significant reason for preference for sure.  For...

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    Pestemals conquered Crete Island!

    This time, we happened to pass Crete Island, the capital of Minoan which is one the civilizations which pestemal was used for the first time and of which first traces were found in 3650 B.C. It is thought that community...

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